Finance, accounting and audit

"Finance, accounting and audit" – scientific work collection.

Founded: 2003
Perspectives: money, finances and credit (state finances, finances of enterprises, financial markets, insurance, money circulation, credit facilities, banking management, regulation of banking operations, bank investments) ; accounting, analysis and audit (accounting theory, accounting in state institutions, accounting in banks, entrepreneurial business analysis, banking analysis, internal audit, external audit)
State registration certificate: КВ № 7219 from 17.04.2003 / КВ №23080-12091ПР from 11.12.2017 
ISSN 2310-9734
Professional registration in High Attestation Commission of Ukraine and Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine: regulations № 3-05/7 from 30.06.2004 and №1-05/1 from 10.02.2010, order №528 from 12.05.2015 
Science field: economic sciences
Periodicity: twice a year
Language: Ukrainian
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