Finance, accounting and audit

About collection

Scientific work collection "Finance, accounting and audit" was founded in 2003 in Kyiv national economic University as scientific edition, which publishes results of research in economy. For more than fourteen years of existence, 30 issues were printed, in which more than 500 authors had their works published.
All theoretical, methodological and practical problems are covered and investigated by scientists in such specialties as “Money, finances and credit” and “Accounting, analysis and audit". Submitted articles are reviewed by an independent expert in the matching discipline as well as by a member of editorial board; the review process is open.
For scientists, teachers and all who are interested in research study in the areas of finances, money circulation and credit facilities, banking, accounting, analysis and audit.
 This collection, starting from the first issue, is put to professional scientific publishing list of Ukraine, in which the results of thesis for a Doctor's degree and Candidate of science of Economics can be issued. Our publishing received the international code ISSN in 2013. In 2014 he made the registration of publications in Ulrich's Periodicals Directory (Ulrichsweb). Currently preparing documents for registration in other international publications scientometric databases.
Circulation - 100 copies. You can find the issues in the library of the KNEU and in all leading scientific libraries of Ukraine. The electronic copies of the journal (starting from issue 12, 2008) are kept in National library of Ukraine after V.І.Vernadsky.
Periodicity: twice a year
Language: Ukrainian, English